The Alliance Center: Organizations working together for a more sustainable and equitable world

Day 267 – Most of us are familiar with incubator space. It is generally defined as industrial space or office space that is set aside in a building for various forms of business start-up or entrepreneurial projects. Companies like Reddit, Dropbox, and AirBNB all started all got their start in incubators.

Now take that same concept of the incubator, but instead of startup companies working together in hopes of hitting it big, you have numerous environmental nonprofits working together to better the planet. That’s exactly what is happening at The Alliance Center in Denver, Colorado.

So what happens at the Alliance Center?

Regenerative Recovery Coalition

Regenerative Recovery Coalition is a collaboration of nonprofits, businesses, academic institutions, government agencies and individuals boldly working together to rebuild Colorado with a regenerative future in mind—a future with a robust local economy that meets human needs abundantly and equitably provides clean air, water, food and energy to all.

Living Laboratory

Living Lab program pilots innovative sustainability solutions using The Alliance Center building as a demonstration site. They operate their building at the highest levels of performance for their occupants and the environment.

Sustainability Skills Initiative

Focusing on the holistic model of sustainability, they are building a pipeline of employment for communities who have traditionally been left out of the environmental movement. They ensure their Sustainability Skills Initiative participants develop professional skillsets which will help them stand out and succeed in the sustainability field. This is accomplished through hands-on projects and engaging participants in real world work at The Alliance Center and the greater Colorado environmental community.

Best for Colorado

Best for Colorado program serves as the hub for corporate social responsibility for businesses throughout the state. It allows companies to network with other mission-driven businesses, share their sustainability journey and help craft the new economy. The program allows businesses to improve practices, connect with participating companies and receive free resources. 

Climate + Democracy

The Alliance Center is convening our vast network to enable all Coloradans to fight climate change, strengthen democracy, advance equity, build Colorado forward and create a regenerative economy.

Hard to Recycle Station

The Hard to Recycle Station is an Alliance community resource that diverts hard-to-recycle items from the landfill.  They take many common waste items that aren’t accepted by standard municipal recycling systems. Then they send them to companies and partners who prevent them from going to the landfill.

One of these resources in a community would be very beneficial. However, to have all of these organizations in one building is exceptional. The Alliance Center has created a blueprint in which all cities across the country need to follow to build their own network of sustainable and equitable practices. Colorado has shown us it is possible.

Tomorrow, the importance of cart tags.

Sustainability Expo

Day 249 – A sustainability expo is coming to Morton Grove.

So, what’s a sustainability expo?

It is a gathering of like minded people, trying to conserve and protect the planet.

Go Green Illinois wants you to know:

Join the Morton Grove Environment and Natural Resources Commission at the Morton Grove Sustainability Expo. This free event is family friendly, all are welcome, and encouraged to attend.

Over 30+ vendors and exhibitors. Come learn about solar options in IL, sign up for a free energy audit, pick up a sapling to plant, design an eco-focus button, pick up some native plants, eco-friendly tools, or learn about composting, recycling, green lawn care and more!

Stop by the Go Green Morton Grove table for some free native plant seeds and enjoy a fun activity to show how your efforts to go green help us all combat climate change.

Don’t miss the electric car show!

Event will be inside and outdoors at the Morton Grove Civic Center: 6140 Dempster Street in Morton Grove. 

One can only hope that there is a sustainability expo coming to your neighborhood in the near future.

Tomorrow, drones and their impact on wildlife.

Battery Solutions: Making battery recycling easy

Day 243 – On Day 49, I spent some time writing about batteries and the difficulty in recycling them. After the EPA deemed them safe to throw away, anyone willing to take them to get recycled stop offering the free service. Now you need to pay a fee. I encourage everyone to use rechargeable batteries. They can be used 1,000 times and can be recycled easily and for free.

For those that feel the need to continue using alkaline batteries, then you should consider recycling them responsibly. Battery Solutions will do the job for a fee. They have various recycling kits to fit various needs.

We are ready to handle any volume, any size, any chemistry, any battery ever made. – Battery Solutions

They have responsibly recycled 178,934,861 batteries, have 6,956 partners and service 3 countries.

Battery Solutions has built their business on sustainability.

  1. Recycling – We are committed to recycling every possible material from every battery.
  2. Conservation – Partnering with local groups in southeast Michigan, we have contributed hybrid vehicle and electric vehicle battery shells to be turned into wildlife habitats.
  3. Device Renewal – We restore broken and unwanted cell phones and tablets back into usable tech.
  4. Education – We offer tours and education programs on site at our facilities, working with EGLE (The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy) as well as smaller local groups to promote battery recycling.
  5. Global Connections – To help secure the future for these young recyclers, we are committed to supporting recycling at all levels. Outside of our direct community involvement, we are also supporters of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Stop throwing recyclable material in the trash. Battery Solutions can help you with that goal.

Tomorrow, a recycle challenge.

Let’s Go!

Day 1 – Happy New Year! Thank you for joining me on my quest to be more environmentally friendly. I can’t think of a better way to start 2021! 365 Ways to Help Save the Planet was created to keep me motivated and to be a go to place to find ideas and suggestions on how we can help the environment. By no means am I an eco expert, but I’m learning everyday on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

I always thought I was doing my part, but I am finding out that I can be doing so much more. The changes will be small, (no plans to purchase an electric car or a wind turbine anytime soon), but overtime, the hope is that it can make all the difference in the world! I know my family of 6 will not be able to fit a year’s worth of waste into jar (yes, people have done this), but we are going to try really hard to reduce our waste and our carbon footprint.

So, let’s learn something new everyday to help the environment and turn that knowledge into action. The posts will discuss recycling, reusing, and most importantly reducing. The posts will be short and to the point. However, I’ll always give you the option of reading more by providing links to other resources. At times I might share ideas that you have been doing for years, but hopefully I can bring some new information to you that will help benefit the world in which we live. I also hope to learn from you, so please share what you know! My goal is to stay active and excited and hopefully we can motivate each other to make the changes that will really make a difference.

Tomorrow, I’ll fill you in on how this whole thing got started.