Rock Salt: Helpful but harmful

Day 30 – Winter is in full swing and with the snow comes rock salt. Chicago, like many other cities around the country use rock salt to eliminate icy and dangerous conditions. Though, it is very effective (with temperatures above 15 degrees), the negative effects are plenty.

  1. Bridges, roads, buildings, and various other infrastructure components can be damaged by the material.
  2. It can harm local fauna and wildlife.
  3. It’s incredibly damaging to aquatic life and ecosystems.
  4. Vehicles and transportation systems also suffer damage from rusting as a result of the road salt.
  5. Salty runoff also contaminates groundwater affecting human health, hurts vegetation and crops, and much more.

There are alternatives, but none are as cheap and readily available as rock salt. So, unfortunately there does not seem to be an easy solution to the problem. Well, at least not on the grand scale. There is something you can do, when it comes to your homes and businesses.

There are various brands on the market that are environmentally friendly. We purchased Keep It Green Snow and Ice Melter. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  1. It is pet friendly, child safe and won’t harm vegetation.
  2. It won’t stain carpets, kitchen floors, concrete, brick or stone.
  3. The green tinted snow melting salt ensures you see what area has already been salted, so you don’t waste.
  4. The pellets work on contact and continue to work even in very cold temperatures. 
  5. The pellets are not harmful to the environment because they draw in moisture from the environment, making it safer for you and the planet.
  6. The pellets are combined with a time release fertilizer that distributes nutrients into the soil once the ice melt washes away.

There is no doubt that these environmentally friendly rock salts are more expensive. However, if you believe the pros outweigh the cons, then consider making the change.

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