Extending the Life of Your Cell Phone

Day 141 – There are close to 300 million smartphone users in the United States (Statista). Now take half that number and that’s how many smartphones are tossed in the trash each year. And that’s just phones. When you include all the other kinds of e-waste, the number goes into the billions. On Day 72, I shared a list of electronics that Best Buy will take and recycle. On Day 132, I shared a few places that will accept your usable electronics and places where your electronics can be recycled.

What if we could extend the life of our electronics? Today’s post shares some ideas on how you can extend the life of your cell phone. Considering the hefty price tag of cell phones, it would be helpful to find ways to hold on to them a little longer.

Earth911 came up with some suggestions:

  1. If you phone is operating slowly, free up some storage space, by deleting unneeded apps, photos and videos.
  2. Power down your phone at least once a week and leave it off for at least a minute or two.
  3. Protect your phone with a sturdy case and screen protector.
  4. If in the market for a new phone, purchase one with high repairability score. You can use the iFixit Smartphone Repairability scores for guidance.
  5. Consider replacing the battery before ditching the entire phone.
  6. Don’t feel pressured to purchase a new phone. If you don’t need it, don’t allow your cell phone carriers to convince you that you do.

Shiny and new are hard to resist. However, sustainability is so much cooler.

Tomorrow, the pros and cons of solar power.