Reusable Storage Bags: Never going back to plastic

Day 34 – I never thought twice when I pulled out a Ziploc storage or freezer bag to store an opened bag of crackers or a package of frozen waffles (because the kids destroyed the box). I never gave it much thought when I tossed those bags in the garbage when I was done using them. It’s hard to say how many of those bags made their way to the landfill. It’s hard to say how many didn’t make it to the landfill and ended up blowing around and ending up in a waterway. It’s hard to say why I didn’t give any thought to the use and disposal of these plastic bags.

It was great to find out that plastic bag recycling programs accept plastic storage and freezer bags (like Ziploc), but I wanted to do better. I ended up purchasing reusable storage/freezer bags (gallon size). I couldn’t be happier with this product. They are sturdy, easy to seal and easy to clean. I see no reason why we would ever need to use another plastic storage/freezer bag again.

Tomorrow, the not so sweet truth about chocolate.