An Easy Way to Recycle Your Snack Bags

Day 137 – Lots of chips are eaten in my house. Potato, tortilla, pretzel, and anything else you can find in chip form are consumed by my home’s inhabitants. Back on Day 77, I wrote about my purchase of a kitchen zero waste box from TerraCycle. I mentioned that among many things allowed in the box, snack bags and candy wrappers are included. I also mentioned how expensive the zero waste boxes are and because of that cost, they are not a viable option for many people.

Thankfully, Subaru has partnered with TerraCycle to bring FREE recycling programs to their dealerships.

“Visit your local Subaru retailer and recycle your disposable cups, lids, and straws; candy and snack wrappers; and coffee and creamer capsules.”TerraCycle

When you type in your address, you will see the closest Subaru dealership that is offering the program. Take note that not every Subaru dealership is participating. You should also call the dealership even if it shows up on the TerraCycle website. Due to the pandemic, some dealerships put the program on hold.

With a few strokes of the computer keys and a phone call, you could be on your way to recycling those hard to recycle candy and snack wrappers, along with coffee and creamer capsules.

Tomorrow, the recyclability of plastic.