Do Sustainable Plastics Exist?

Day 263Better Future Factory believes they do and they want to help brands and businesses reduce, reuse and recycle plastics. They believe that a circular economy for plastics can exist.

Their services include:

  1. By gaining insight into your current plastic use, they find out how to make your products and packaging future proof.
  2. They help you to build an actionable plastic strategy for the years to come.
  3. They design & engineer new or redesign existing products and packaging, fit for the circular economy.
  4. They make the circular economy tangible by creating iconic products from discarded plastics.

Their mission is to have no more plastic wasted.

The categories in which they have done work include:

  1. Artwork
  2. Consumer Products
  3. Furniture and Retail
  4. Packaging Design

They have made artwork from old file folders. They developed the perfect packaging for Packback, a Dutch start-up revolutionizing the home delivery and take-away market with a reusable packaging system. Packback takes the packaging back, cleans it and brings it back in the loop. As experts in plastics recycling they pushed their skills to go bigger and they 3D-printed a set of stools, a bar table and a reception desk from recycled PET bottles. They were then placed in the entrance hall of an office building in Rotterdam, Netherlands. They worked with Erno Lazlo (New York based skin-care brand) to develop their Clean & Sustainable 2020 initiative for packaging. The first sustainable improvements have been implemented and available for customers, e.g. a soap bar wrapped in paper instead of a plastic box, a reusable soap dish made from the old soap bar plastic boxes and a fully recyclable cap for their iconic jars.

Better Future Factory exists to help the plastic waste problem. More companies need to recognize the problem and start to take responsibility for the products they produce for consumers.

Tomorrow, zero emissions day.

Bubble Wrap: Friend or foe

Day 25 – Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! In 1956, Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding put two shower curtains together and created air bubbles between the two curtains. They thought they were on to something and decided to move forward with the idea. Their creation went on to be wall paper!

Well, the wall paper was not a big hit and eventually the product evolved into what we know today as Bubble Wrap. For 60 years this squishy, air filled plastic has been protecting our most fragile possessions. Not to mention, its has been delighting children and adults alike. Whether, you take a more meticulous method by popping each individual bubble or create an explosive sound by stomping on it with your feet, there is no denying that Bubble Wrap is entertaining.

Nowadays, the Bubble Wrap is not as popular and has been replaced with air pillows and brown paper. However, if you find yourself in possession of this creatively engineered piece of plastic, be sure to use it wisely. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Recycle the Bubble Wrap with your plastic bags, of course, after you have enjoyed every single bubble.
  2. Hold on to the Bubble Wrap for the next time you need to ship or store something delicate.
  3. Share your Bubble Wrap. There are plenty of people moving and in need of protective coverings.

Whatever you decide to do with your Bubble Wrap just don’t throw it away!

Tomorrow, a paper product that we take for granted, but could not imagine our life without it.