Let’s Talk Recyclability?

Day 296 – When it comes to recycling, many have mixed emotions. Some do what they can to recycle as many items as they can. While others don’t trust the system and don’t bother, thinking it’s all a waste of time. If I have learned anything this past year, it’s you at least have to try to make a difference. If we all become complacent about our impact on the environment, whether that’s negative or positive, then the planet has no chance. We all have the capacity to make a difference.

So, on that note, I thought discussing the number of times a particular item can be recycled would be helpful. It will show you that recycling is helpful and something we should all be doing.

Plastic can only be recycled once or twice. The quality of the plastic decreases. Most of the time, plastic is downcycled into something like plastic lumber or synthetic fibers for fabric or insulation. It’s just one more reminder as to why we need to find alternatives to plastic.

Aluminum can be recycled an infinite number of times. It is the most valuable recycled item in the United States. Choosing packaging made from aluminum and getting that packaging to the recycle bin is a real win for the planet.  

Paper can be recycled around five to seven times to produce new paper. Once the fibers become to short, it can be used to make things like egg cartons and newsprint.

Metals, other than aluminum also have an unlimited lifespan, and it is always a good idea to recycle them. Finding someone willing to recycle your metals is usually an easy process. You can even make a little cash.

Glass can be recycled an unlimited number of times. It is also more cost-effective to reuse and recycle glass than to create from scratch.

So, choose your packaging wisely.

Tomorrow, tips on having a green Halloween.