Produce Bags: Sad to say it took this long

Day 13 – When I think back to how many produce bags I have used and how many of those bags ended up in the trash, it makes me angry. Why did something so easy as purchasing reusable bags, take so long? There really is no good excuse. There’s not even a bad excuse.

There are so many choices to choose from and the cost is relatively low. I purchased 15 mesh produce bags (in 3 sizes) for $10.99. They are washable, see through and have tare weight tags. So, you don’t get charged for the extra weight. Between my husband and I, I don’t see us being big enforcers of the tare weight. The mesh bags are so light, I can’t imagine there is a huge expense incurred if the tare weight is not subtracted. Whatever your preference may be, the option is there if you would like to use it.

It’s now quite refreshing to open the produce drawers and not see plastic bags overrunning the space. Many a time I would have to battle with those bags. Tearing them open due to the knot I created to prevent any produce from falling out and then the struggle to get all that plastic back into the drawer, so it wasn’t sticking out once closed. Yep, it was a really pain.

Well, the battle is over and I would like to think I won this round. The planet thanks me and I think the produce is much happier, too!

Tomorrow, old smoke detectors and the challenge to dispose of them properly.