Give an Upcycled Gift this Holiday Season

Day 337 – Back on Day 240, I wrote about Looptworks. They take material destined for the landfill and create items for reuse. They have bags of every kind, aprons, clothes and face masks. I thought I would share even more suggestion for upcycled gifts.

Nowhere Collective – This gift guide lists numerous artists using recycled materials to create their upcycled items. Amazing one-of-a-kind gifts to give to friends and family.

Upcycle It Now – A mother-daughter company that has a three-pronged mission: give materials a second life, create useful and beautiful goods, and provide skilled jobs for their community.

Upcycled – Based in Missoula, Montana, this shop features arts and crafts from local Montana artisans. 

Upcycle That – Not only do they sell upcycled items, but also give a wide range of ideas and tutorials for upcycling different materials and making unique items.

Etsy – There is a plethora of artists on Etsy selling their upcycled gifts.

Uncommon Goods – They are known for their unique gifts, but they also have numerous upcycled gifts, as well.

Rareform – Bags made from billboard signs.

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Give the gift of something old becoming something new this holiday season.

Tomorrow, indoor vertical farms.

Trash to Treasure

Day 88 – We’re all familiar with the phrase ,“one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Well, one person’s trash can also be another person’s artwork. Nowhere Collective makes it all possible.

A friend (Thank You Kelly!) introduced me to Katy at Nowhere Collective and I was very excited to learn about her genius idea that connects discarders with collectors who collaborate with creators. This is how it works:

  1. Nowhere Collective collects items that would usually end up being tossed in the trash.
  2. Those items are then offered to artists, creative individuals and crafters that take those items and turn them into something that people can love all over again.
  3. Eventually, Nowhere Collective will also be the place where those new creations can be sold.

When you give your unwanted items to Nowhere Collective, not only are you preventing items from going to a landfill, you are also supporting artists that are creating in a way that benefits the environment. It’s a win for everyone involved. So, before you toss, check to see if your trash can become someone else’s treasure.

You can follow all the awesome things happening with Nowhere Collective on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to check out the fun and creative ways Katy is bringing new life to old clothes.

Tomorrow, a nearly 400 year old invention that has made math homework a bit more bearable.