Popcorn: Moving away from the microwavable bags

Day 19 Happy National Popcorn Day! Today is the day we celebrate this delicious snack that has been enjoyed for millennia, as way back as the Aztecs. Whether, you eat it buttery, salty, sweet or cheesy, popcorn is a favorite amongst many. The Gaiettos agree, popcorn is the perfect snack and boy do they eat a lot of it! So much so that I started realizing how much waste we were creating using the microwavable bags. We could easily go through one to two bags a day. That’s about 10 plastic wraps (that surround the microwavable bag) and 10 popcorn bags a week. Now, multiply that by 52 weeks and you have yourself a crazy amount of trash.

My solution was to purchase the Ecolution Popcorn Popper. It hasn’t stopped the wave of microwave popcorn flowing through our house, but it has stopped the unwanted waste. One particular member of the household was a bit disappointed in the purchase. He was hopping for an air popper, similar to what he used as a kid. However, I thought keeping it simple would be the best bet and it has been a hit. Once we finish our 8 lb. container of kernels, the plan is to visit a zero waste store and refill our container. What is a zero waste store, you ask? We’ll discuss that in a future post. Until then, pop away and enjoy a guilt free snack!

Tomorrow, a product that will help you from ever needing to purchase another cleaning product in a plastic bottle.