Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

Day 335 – You may be already done with your holiday shopping. Or you haven’t even started. Whatever the case may be, it’s always a great idea to purchase gifts that will help people and the environment. Not only will you feel good giving special gifts to family and friends, but you can feel good that your gift will have a positive impact on the planet.

Here are 15 ideas from posts that I have written this year.

  1. Day 21Blueland – eco-friendly cleaning products
  2. Day 152 – Eco-friendly Toys
  3. Day 164 – Sustainable Phone Cases
  4. Day 178 – Eco-friendly Sunglasses
  5. Day 193 – Clothing made from recycled plastic
  6. Day 199 – Zero Waste Makeup Brands
  7. Day 205Igloo EcoCoolers
  8. Day 237 – Eco-friendly Yoga Mats
  9. Day 240Looptworks – Upcycled gifts
  10. Day 257Lost Golf Balls – used and recycled golf balls
  11. Day 272 – Sustainable Pet Products
  12. Day 293Green Goo – Skin care derived from plants
  13. Day 300EcoSports – Eco-friendly sporting equipment
  14. Day 324Rumpl – Eco-friendly blankets
  15. Day 327MC Squares – reusable sticky notes

Other great options include:

  1. Earth Hero – variety of Earth-friendly gifts
  2. UNICEF Market
  3. Certified B Corporation gift guide
  4. Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange – gifts for the artists in your life
  5. 4Ocean – gifts that help clean the oceans
  6. Gift card to commercial composting service
  7. Climate Pledge Products on Amazon

One more list to help you out:

20 Awesome Holiday Gifts that Help the Planet

Tomorrow, giving a gift donation.

MC Squares: Reusable Sticky Notes

Day 327 – I’m sure we have all used them at some point. Sticky notes have been around since 1977. They are very convenient and that sticky adhesive allows them to be placed pretty much anywhere. I never gave much thought about the amount of paper wasted every day due to the use of sticky notes. Thankfully, MC Squares has come up with a solution.

They have created reusable sticky notes.

  1. They can be reused 2,000 times.
  2. MC Squares will replace any reusable sticky note that doesn’t last for 2 years.
  3. They stick to shiny surfaces like magnets to metal.
  4. Stickies are sustainably made with wind power in the USA.

Besides keeping 2 billion notes from going into the trash, MC Squares has also planted over 50,000 trees.

MC Squares also has a wide variety of other reusable products, like calendars, charts and notepads.

Reusables are a huge piece to the sustainable puzzle.

Tomorrow, the decomposition of everyday items.