Indoor Vertical Crops, the Future of Farming

Day 338 – Traditional farming takes can take up a great deal of space and require a lot of water. Sadly, our planet is running out of space and fresh water. To help alleviate the problem, companies are creating vertical farms. One such company is Plenty, located in San Francisco, California.

Vertical farms provide numerous advantages over traditional farming.

  1. A perfect environment is offered, avoiding the unpredictability of changing climates.
  2. No bleach or pesticides used on plants. No GMOs.
  3. Crop yields are increased over 350x compared to traditional farming.
  4. Hundreds of acres of farmland are compacted into the size of a big box retail store.

Plenty offers a variety of different greens.

There is no denying that the planet is changing and that climates around the globe will begin to undergo major changes. Many have already started the transformation. Vertical gardens will be key in providing people with fresh produce.

Tomorrow, celebrating World Soil Day.

The Ballpark Farm

Day 309 – I had no idea, that is, until my mother-in-law sent me a picture. There is a farm at Fenway Park and it’s been there since 2015.

Here are some interesting facts about the farm.

  1. More than 5,900 pounds of fresh produce are harvested each growing season at Fenway Farms.
  2. Fenway Farms provides fresh, organically grown vegetables and fruit to Red Sox fans dining at Fenway Park’s Dell/EMC Club restaurant along with use in concessions throughout the park.     
  3. The 5,000 square foot rooftop farm is sited within Fenway Park positioned on the roof of the Front Office located on the Third Base side of the EMC Level.
  4. Urban farmers from Green City Growers maintain Fenway Farms regularly, including during many home games. Fans will often be able to see farmers at work.
  5. This project serves to engage Red Sox Nation in the value of eating fresh food.
  6. It is estimated that approximately 500,000 children and adults interact with Fenway Farms annually, helping to expose thousands to the food growing process, often for the first time in their lives.

Fenway Farms is helping to make America’s most beloved and oldest ballpark one of America’s greenest.

Tomorrow, your own at home recycling machine.