Find Your Park and Support It!

Day 109 – I love our National Parks! I have only been to a few, but I hope to see as many as I can before leaving this Earth. They are so beautiful and unique in their own ways. They offer a glimpse into the past. A time that was simpler and less chaotic.

This week is National Park Week. It is a time to celebrate the National Parks and support them in any way we can. Whether it’s a visit with the family or a donation made online, the Parks are always in need of support. These are protected lands that we need to make sure stay preserved.

Indian Dunes National Park

In Chicago, we’re not too far from a few National Parks. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis became a National Park on February 22, 2018. The Great Smoky Mountains is only 9 hours from Chicago and is America’s most visited National Park. Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky is home to the world’s longest known cave system. The Isle Royale National Park in Michigan is an isolated island that is far from the sights and sounds of civilization. Only an hour from the city, Indiana Dunes National Park offers so much to its visitors. The amazing views of Lake Michigan atop the sand dunes and 15,000 acres to explore, this National Park should be on every Chicagoan’s “must see” list.

Many of us missed the announcement of our newest National Park on December 27th, 2020. I know I did. West Virginia’s New River Gorge was named the 63rd National Park. The New River is among the oldest rivers on the continent. The park encompasses over 70,000 acres of land along the New River and is rich in cultural and natural history.

So, find your park and consider spending some time in the great outdoors. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

Tomorrow, short educational videos packed with useful information.