Face Masks: Environmentally Friendly Options

Day 101 – Even a year into the pandemic, I find it hard to believe that face masks have become a way of life. I never thought a face mask would be a daily accessory. However, they are here and not going away anytime in the near future (though we are getter closer everyday). It’s important that we are keeping the environment in mind when choosing which kind of mask to wear.

Using single use masks is definitely convenient, but the waste produced by these masks really adds up. If you can, using a reusable mask is the best choice. A mask that can be washed and reused countless times. If a single use mask must be used, choosing a recyclable mask would be ideal.

Ecobreath is a 100% recyclable, three-ply, disposable face mask. EcoBreathe masks can be purchased by non-medical customers and individuals for the same cost as a box of single-use, non-recyclable masks from most other retailers. One box of 50 masks is $19.99. Bulk orders over one case (2,000 masks) automatically come with a convenient recycling “station” for collecting used masks, though any purchase can be accompanied by a recycling bin upon request, even if it’s for your home.

Photo Credit:
Mary Caporal Prior

Purchase of the EcoBreathe masks of any quantity comes with a prepaid return shipping label. There is no additional fee for the mask pickup or processing and recycling services. Everything is included in the purchase price.

No more face masks in the trash, or lying on the ground or worse yet, in waterways, is a goal we should all be working toward. If you’re using single use face masks, you should consider making the switch. If your employer uses single use face masks, you should suggest switching to recyclable masks.

And if you have disposable masks to use before making that switch, please make sure to snip the straps. The ducks will thank you, along with other wildlife that get tangled up.

Tomorrow, the overall toll the pandemic has had on the environment.