Update: DVDs to the Troops

Updated on November 2, 2021 – DVDs to the Troops is no longer active. They have suspended their operations.

Day 87 – This past Wednesday, I got myself to the post office and mailed off the DVDs that I collected for the troops in February. I collected 154 DVDs, with the majority of them coming from my very generous friend, Renee. Thank You Renee! This donation will make a very entertaining movie library for a military base, entertaining soldiers overseas. 

I wasn’t sure how expensive this project would be, not knowing the cost of shipping.  Thankfully, the United States Postal Service offers a very reasonable media shipping fee for military addresses. My three boxes only cost $30, total. The only extra paperwork I needed to fill out at the post office was a customs form. The only information I needed to fill out were my address, the address of the person I was sending the DVDs and the contents in the boxes. It was a very simple process.

So, if you have DVDs that you are looking to part with, consider sending them to the troops. You can contact DVDs to the Troops at info@dvdstothetroops.org to find out where you can send your DVDs. 

Tomorrow, getting creative with trash. 

Update: Holiday Lights

Day 39 – Over the month of January, I collected old holiday lights. The idea was to keep the unusable lights from ending up in a landfill. Elgin Recycling was collecting the lights throughout the suburbs. Last year, 51 municipalities collected over 100,000 pounds of holiday lights. We collected a large container of lights. A HUGE thank you to everyone that participated.

Over the weekend, we took a drive out to Arlington Heights and dropped the lights at the Public Works Center (222 N. Ridge Ave.). There were large boxes out front, which you can’t miss. You can drop off your lights anytime. This site will be collecting lights until February 26th. So, if you still wanted to drop off your old holiday lights, you still have plenty of time.

Don’t forget that for the month of February, I am collecting DVDs for the troops. Check out my post for all the details.

Tomorrow, still dealing with polystyrene after all these years.

DVDs: Send them to the troops

Updated on November 2, 2021 – DVDs to the Troops is no longer active. They have suspended their operations.

Day 32 – We have quite a few DVDs that are not needed anymore. So, I was on the search for ideas on how to part with a few titles. After a little research, I found a few suggestions.

  1. Resell – I guess there is still a market for used DVDs and plenty of online options to sell.
  2. Donate – Check with local library, thrift store or charity.
  3. Repurpose – Get crafty and use the old DVDs and CDs in your next DIY project.

I decided to look for a charity or good cause. I came across DVDs to the Troops.

So, I’ll be shipping my DVDs to the troops and I encourage you to do the same. I’m also going to use the month of February to collect DVDs. Feel free to drop off your old DVDs inside my front door. If you would also like to include a couple dollars for shipping that would be greatly appreciated!

Here are a few guidelines:

  1. No bootlegs, no burned DVDs, no workout videos, no corporate training videos. 
  2. DVDs DO NOT need to be in original cases/packaging.
  3. They do not accept CDs and VHS.

If you would like to send your DVDs on your own, here is the information:

ADDRESS – Dorothy Washington / 442 AG Company (BAF)/ APO, AE 09354

SHIPPING FORM  – Media Mail from the USPS seems to be most efficient and cost effective way to ship- APO addresses receive an automatic discount. Fill it out online & print before going to USPS to save time.

If you’re sending on your own, be sure to include a little note. The troops really enjoy the DVDs and appreciate the well wishes.

Tomorrow, getting the low down on microplastics.