Blankets That Keep You Warm and Help the Planet

Day 324 – With the cold weather upon us, it got me thinking about blankets. There is nothing better then a warm blanket to cozy up to during the winter months. I started looking for eco-friendly blankets. I found quite a few companies that offer organic cotton and even alpaca wool. When it comes to price these blankets were on the high end. As mentioned, I love a cozy blanket, but not for over $200.

As I continued looking, I came across Rumpl. Their mission is to introduce the world to better blankets. They also want to do that in a responsible and sustainable way.

Looking to the future responsibly means thinking sustainably. This means that we prioritize scaling our business responsibly with the “long-haul” in mind, never too fast or recklessly. We seek ways to reduce our impact on the planet by incorporating recycled materials in our products and leveraging transportation options that reduce our carbon footprint. And finally, when possible, we leverage our voice and our influence as a platform for social good.” – Rumpl

Here’s how they’re doing it:

  1. Whenever possible they use post-consumer recycled materials in their products. Through that effort they will have up-cycled millions of discarded plastic bottles since Fall 2019.
  2. From bottle to blanket. They use discarded plastic bottles and recycle them into the synthetic insulation and polyester that make up their best-selling products.
  3. Their synthetic insulation is made from recycled plastic bottles, and their natural down feathers are sourced humanely and ethically.
  4. Rumpl has been a member of 1% For the Planet since 2017 and are Climate Neutral Certified, meaning they offset the carbon emissions of their entire company. In 2021, they officially became a Certified B Corporation.
  5. They also support a number of local and grass root organizations.

If you’re looking for a blanket that will make you feel good inside and out, than Rumpl is exactly what you’re looking for.

Tomorrow, celebrating World Fisheries Day.

Green Goo: Skin Care Derived from Plants

Day 293 – I came across Green Goo while researching environmentally friendly products. They seemed like a pretty cool company. They make hand sanitizers, skin care products, deodorant, soap, lotions, saves and even products for your pet. Green Goo has taken out the harmful chemicals and replaced them with organic, natural and safe ingredients. They are a women owned business, cruelty free, gluten free, made in the USA, and are a B-Corporation. They are one of those companies you can feel good about supporting.

Not only is Green Goo putting out a variety of good products they are also doing good in the world.

  1. They are proud to donate $.05 of all deodorant sales to The Keep A Breast Foundation, in support of their breast cancer education and awareness programs.
  2. They proudly donate 1% of the annual sales of our Belly Balm and Nursing Comfort salves to support the incredible efforts of Mercy in Action.
  3. In support of their partnership with 1% for the Planet, they are proud to donate 1% of the annual sales of their Animal First Aid salve to select animal charities and aid organizations.
  4. They are proud to donate 1% of the annual sales of their First Aid salves to PARSA (Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Support for Afghanistan).
  5. They proudly donate 1% of the purchase price of their Foot Care salve to support the diligent work of the PCTA (Pacific Crest Trail Association).
  6. They are proud to donate 1% of the annual sales of their Baby Balm and Children’s First Aid salves to World Vision, in support of their Mother and Child Health Fund. Additionally, for every pair of sunglasses sold, Green Goo donates a pair to World Vision.

Green Goo is one of those companies that needs to be applauded, celebrated and supported. They put people and planet first.

Tomorrow, biodegradable gloves.