Black Nopal: Cactus Leather

Day 349 – It’s always interesting to read about everyday items that someone has figured out how to derive from plants. Back on Day 233, I wrote about orange peels be used to make lamps. Today, it’s belts made from cacti.

Black Nopal offers wallets and belts from cactus leather.

Black Nopal offers products exclusively from a patented cactus leather fabric that is created by the Mexican company, Desserto. Desserto spent 2 years testing the use of Mexico’s abundant prickly pear cactus to create a fabric that is sustainable and eco-friendly while still maintaining superb performance compared to regular leather. The final result is a highly-durable, ultra-soft, and breathable leather that is racking up rewards for excellence.” – Black Nopal

Cactus leather has many advantages:

  1. The production process is sustainable.
  2. It is pvc and phthalate free.
  3. It is fully organic.
  4. It requires no water irrigation system.
  5. It only uses the leaves of the cactus plant.

The future is in sustainable products. The more we seek them out and choose them over products that are not, the better off the planet will be.

Tomorrow, a box that gives back.