What to do with all those unwanted socks?

Day 114 – Socks with holes. Socks without a partner. Socks without a purpose. If only there were someone willings to take all those socks, so you didn’t have to throw them away.

Well, there is! Smartwool has created the Second Cut Project and they want your unwanted socks.

“Socks are one of the most discarded pieces of apparel—eventually finding a forever home at landfills and contributing to the 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases that textile production releases into the atmosphere every year. Being that socks are the heart and soul of Smartwool and our entire origin story, we could not sit idly by as our favorite pieces of gear are piling up at landfills all over our precious planet.” – Smartwool

They not only want their old socks back, but are willing to take any brand. They have partnered up with Material Return to collect and deconstruct hard-to-recycle socks and turn them into new goods like dog beds. How cool is that?!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Clean socks only, please (please, please)
2. All brands, colors, sizes, and materials welcome (we’re not picky)
3. No rolled or paired socks, bags, rubber bands, paper clips (just single socks)

Then you have two choices as to how you can get your socks to Smartwool.

  1. Visit a participating retailer between April 21st – May 2nd and drop off your unwanted socks in the collection bin.
  2. Simply add a take-back bag to your Smartwool.com purchase when you check out. When you finish shopping, you’ll see an option to add a bag to your order in your cart. The bag includes a pre-paid shipping label, so all you have to do is gather your unwanted socks, attach the label, and drop it off.

To find a participating retailer, click HERE.

In Illinois you can drop your socks off at the following stores:

  1. Blue Boutique/Mamabird – 7424 N Orange Prairie Road Peoria IL 61615
  2. Bushwhacker – 5728 N Knoxville Ave Peoria IL 61614
  3. RC Outfitters – 311 SW Water Street Peoria IL 61602
  4. Uncle Dan’s Outdoor – 1600 Sherman Ave Evanston IL 60201
  5. Uncle Dan’s Outdoor – 621 Central Ave Highland Park IL 60035
  6. Uncle Dan’s Outdoor – 3551 N Southport Ave Chicago IL 60657
  7. Uncle Dan’s Outdoor – 4724 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago IL 60625
  8. Moosejaw – 1901 North Clybourn Chicago IL 60614

So, if you’re like me with the plethora of single socks and an unhealthy number of old baseball socks, then here is your chance to rid yourself all of them without polluting the planet and maybe even help make of a new dog bed. A triple win!

Tomorrow, turning the lights off for the birds.