Balloons: Is it still a celebration without them?

Day 94 – I have always been a big fan of balloons. No celebration was complete without them. They have been a staple at most of our big events. Those air filled pieces of latex (or foil) have brought about many smiling faces.

So, when it came to celebrating our first birthday of the year, I had to do a little rethinking on the decorations. I needed to find an eco-friendly way to bring some joy and festiveness into the home. I didn’t want to purchase balloons, just to turn around and throw them away the following day. I wanted something reusable.

I found very colorful felt flags and birthday sign that would work perfectly. The felt material was going to insure the decorations would withstand many more birthday celebrations. It was a nice change and the birthday boy didn’t miss the balloons.

With four birthdays a year (mom & dad don’t get decorations) and a graduation every year for the next ten years (starting this year), we will be up to our eyeballs in celebratory fanfare. It will be fun to see what environmentally friendly ways I can come up with to commemorate these special events.

Tomorrow, BIG NEWS that I am very excited to share!