Next Generation Stormwater Solutions

Day 356 – Flooding is becoming a real problem throughout the United States and many other places around the world. Large amounts of rain combined with a great deal of impermeable surfaces have created a very dangerous situation.

A company named Aquipor wants to help solve this problem.

AquiPor is revolutionizing hard surface building materials, improving the way urban stormwater systems work and interact with the natural environment. Polluted runoff is destroying our waterways and diminishing water quality in cities throughout the world. Our advanced technology is designed to be as durable as normal concrete, yet permeable enough to handle up to 25 inches of water every hour.” – Aquipor

Aquipor is trying to gather support for their product. They are currently running a crowd funding campaign and looking for investors. If their product does what it says it does, then it has the potential to save a countless number of lives and prevent billions of dollars in damage as a result of flooding.

Tomorrow, last minute gift idea for the conservationist in your life.