Summer Vacation: There is no break from caring about the planet

Day 171 – It’s the first day of summer and with that comes summer vacation! Whether, you enjoy the warmth of the sun on a sandy beach or the cool shade of a forest full of trees, it’s important that we make sure to care about the environment while we are out enjoying it. Throughout this year this blog has given many suggestions on how to be more environmentally friendly within your home. However, we need to make sure we are carrying the practices over to our time away from home, as well. Even though we may be on vacation, we can’t take a break from caring about the planet.

Here are a few suggestions from Earth911 to make your next trip an environmentally friendly one.

  1. Avoid the disposable items. Pack a coffee cup, water bottle, drinking cup, and reusable utensils.
  2. Don’t depend on the hotel to provide you with toiletries. Take a little time and pack what you will need on a trip. You will most likely be able to use the same items for your next trip and the one after that.
  3. If staying at a resort, be sure to venture out to experience the local culture. Visit and shop at these local businesses. Dollars spent within these communities will go a lot further to help support the local people.
  4. While on vacation, try to walk or bike to places. Not only will it allow you to see and experience things you would not have the opportunity to from a car, but it’s also helpful to the environment.
  5. If you hike or bike on your trip, be sure to stay on the designated paths. Your feet and bicycle tires can destroy a great deal of plant life. Which can then lead to erosion problems.
  6. Leave what you find. It is always tempting to take a souvenir from a trip. However, removing things from nature can be very detrimental to the ecosystem. Take out your camera instead and grab a picture.
  7. Respect the wildlife. Observe them from a distance and try to keep your presence unknown. Unless you have gotten the attention of a bear or mountain lion, in that case, be loud and obnoxious.
  8. No matter where you go, be sure to dispose of waste properly. If you can not find a proper place to dispose your waste, then be sure to take it with you. Don’t leave anything behind. Even burning trash in the campfire is not a good option. Waste that does not burn completely can be bad for wildlife.

Summer vacation should be fun and enjoyable. For some that comes in the form of relaxation. For others it’s nonstop action. Whatever the case may be, the environment needs to be respected and protected at all times. Be sure you are doing your part to be good stewards of the environment, even while away from home.

Tomorrow, a deeper dive into what it means to have a circular economy.