Bedding Made from Recycled Plastic

Day 195 – Sleeping in a bed with sheets and blankets made from recycled plastic may not sound very appealing, but there are companies that have figured out a way to provide comfortable bedding and address the plastic pollution problem, all at the same.

One company in particular is Buffy. The Buffy Cloud Comforter consists of a eucalyptus fabric outer shell that’s filled with BPA-free recycled PET fibers that come from plastic bottles. Each comforter prevents approximately 50 plastic bottles from landing in the trash. The outer eucalyptus shell is also earth-friendly, since the fiber is grown using one-tenth the water of cotton and requires no toxic pesticides. Buffy’s mill partner is committed to planting four new trees for every three harvested.  As a company, Buffy is committed to offsetting all COemissions generated from freight and customer shipments. The brand also encourages customers to donate unwanted comforters rather than shipping them back to minimize waste and fossil fuel use during shipment. It’s also working towards a ten-year goal for a 100% closed-loop production system that would generate zero waste from product conception to disposal. 

A couple other brands that I found that offer sustainable options at a reasonable price, include the following:

Grund – Based in North Carolina, Grund is a family owned business. Their products are made from 100% Organic material, zero use of bleach, formaldehyde or any other toxic substances or dyes. They also ship their products in plastic free packaging.

Under the Canopy – A US based company that offers various bedding options using a variety of sustainable methods. Their pillows and comforters are filled with polyester which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Recycled materials are used when sustainable ones can’t be and Under the Canopy has six different eco-relevant qualifications altogether.

When sharing information on particular brands, I am obviously choosing companies that put the planet first. However, I don’t stop there. Cost is a big component to choosing the companies I write about. I know not everyone, for example can spend over $200 on bed sheets. So, I try to keep that in mind when sharing information. It’s no easy task for a company to be environmentally friendly and to provide affordable products for their customers. I think the companies that have figured out a way to do so, should be applauded.

Tomorrow, a plastic free product line you can easily find in stores.