FLOR: A new kind of carpet

Day 311 – We have all had to dispose of an old area rug or carpet that needed updating. However, what if there was a way to cover our floors without the worry of what we’ll do with that flooring once it has served it purpose. FLOR has come up with a genius plan to keep carpets out of the landfill.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a pattern you love and decide how large of an area you need to cover.
  2. Your carpet or area rug will arrive in squares (tiles) that are easily to install.
  3. The carpet tiles are easy to move around and create new styles.
  4. They are also easy to clean if you happen to have a spill.
  5. The carpet tiles are made from recycled nylon.
  6. One you are ready to replace your carpet, you can send your tiles back to get recycled for free.
  7. Those recycled materials will be used to make new carpet tiles.

Flor has recycled over 64,000 tiles and 100% of electricity used in manufacturing comes from renewable resources.

“Like the yarns used in our rugs, our journey to sustainability is woven into who we are. Between responsibly sourced materials, manufacturing powered by renewable energy, and carbon-negative rug backing technology, FLOR’s environmentally friendly rugs look beautiful in your home while being safe for the earth.” – FLOR

Companies like FLOR are getting us one step closer to a circular economy. Taking responsibility for what they manufacture, instead of leaving it up to the consumer is a huge reasons to support FLOR. You will never have to thrown out another area rug again.

Tomorrow, options to recycle your thermostat.

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