Lasso: The Home Recycling Solution

Day 310 – Recycling rates across the country are not great. Many cities, like Chicago, recycles less than 10% of what is collected. Recycling is not the sole solution, we are going to have to refuse, reduce and reuse. However, the idea of being able to recycle plastic, glass and metal at your home sounds very appealing.

Lasso, at home recycling machine, recycles the following:

  1. PET and HDPE plastic
  2. Clear, green and brown glass
  3. Aluminum and steel

Here is how Lasso works:

  1. Lasso accepts your used materials using internal sensors, cameras and AI machine learning.
  2. If an item is not recyclable, Lasso simply returns it to you. No more recycling confusion.
  3. Lasso tracks your items in real-time, and you can even check products for recyclability on the move before buying them, with our in-app bar code scanner.
  4. 100% of contaminants like food, grease, dirt and sticky packaging labels – all removed for you.
  5. Lasso steam cleans every item, saving precious water versus manual washing.
  6. Plastic, metals and glass are broken down separately, reducing to a fraction of their size and maintaining valuable purity throughout.
  7. Once processed, Lasso channels your purified products into the storage container at the base of the appliance.
  8. When storage is approaching capacity, Lasso automatically notifies you via the smartphone app – required just 3-8 times per year.
  9. Lasso collects when it suits you – your app suggests on-demand collection slots to fit any schedule.
  10. When collection is due, simply detach Lasso’s storage container and leave it at the curb. Our pickup drivers take care of the rest.
  11. Lasso guarantees close-loop recycling, where every item is made new again, from a bottle to a bottle, a can to a can.
  12. Receive cash returns within five years of ownership, subject to your consumption.

Lasso is not on the market yet, but you can reserve one today. It will cost around $3500 – $4000.

I sure hope the Lasso is a huge success and I hope the price comes down. I would love to have a Lasso in the kitchen recycling my plastic, glass and metal, while making me money and saving the planet!


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