A Guide to Sustainable Living

Day 299 – The definition of sustainability is the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. So, why would you want to live a sustainable life?

The Plastic Collectors have given some great tips on how to live a sustainable life.

  1. Get Educated –  Understand how your habits and behaviors feed into this problem. Consider how the elected officials are responsible for environmental protection
  2. Limit Waste – Start off your sustainable lifestyle journey by cutting down on biodegradable waste, by composting. Replace plastic, straws, cutlery, water bottles with reusable alternatives like stainless steel, cotton, bamboo, and eco-friendly materials. Support companies that keep their packaging minimum and make sure you take steps to reduce the amount of packaging wastage.
  3. Limit Atmospheric Emissions – Airplanes are the major source of emissions in the atmosphere. Limit your flights and instead travel by sea (land). Shop locally and eat foods that are grown nearby rather than being shipped from abroad, which also contributes to carbon emissions. Use public transport and cycles to control emissions in the environment.
  4. Conserve Water and Energy –  Replace the faucets and shower heads with low-flow models. Turn off the tap when not in use. Use newer models that are efficient at water and energy conserving. Save energy by turning off the lights and powers when not in use. Use air-conditioning and heating judiciously. Unplug appliances that are an unnecessary wastage of energy.
  5. Avoid Toxic Chemicals – Some major toxic offenders include formaldehyde, oxybenzone, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, and more. Don’t forget to check the list of ingredients that are being used in the product. Switch to eco-friendly brands. Though they might be a bit pricey, they are worth each penny.
  6. Advocate for Change – Create a better community that understands the depth of the issue and together, make the world a better and healthier place to thrive. Remember the change starts with you.

Every step towards a sustainable lifestyle is one step closer to saving the planet.

Tomorrow, eco-friendly sports equipment.

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