The Plastic Hanger Problem

Day 290 – About 100 million hangers are tossed in the trash each year. Those hangers are made from plastic and it takes about 1,000 years for that plastic to breakdown. So, there is a crazy amount of plastic hangers sitting in landfills. One other piece of bad news, those plastic hangers are made from a variety of plastics that make them impossible to recycle.

Roland Mouret saw this plastic problem and wanted to do something about it. He created the Blue hanger, the first sustainable clothes hanger. They are made out of 80% recycled plastic recovered from the sea and 20% recyclable plastic, and they also feature aluminum hooks.

It seems like a fully recyclable hangers would be a no brainer. Not to mention a hanger made from recycled plastic. Though, you can’t find Mouret’s hanger on the market, there is another option.

(re)x hanger – It is made from 100% recycled ocean plastic collected by reclaimers in South Africa. It is a woman owned business and a !% for the Planet member.

Ending the need for virgin plastics sends a message to the companies continually using these plastics. The more we support companies that are finding ways to use recycled plastic in their products the better our environment will be.

Next time you’re in need of more hangers consider a more a sustainable option.

Tomorrow, grants to help curbside recycling.

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