Sustainable Pet Products

Day 272 – All year I have been sharing eco-friendly products to help you on your way to a more sustainable lifestyle. Well, that doesn’t stop when it comes to your pets. Today, I’m writing about two companies that offer pet products that are good for your pet and the planet. I would also like to add that both these companies are Certified B Corporations. YES!

West Paw., located in Bozeman, Montana, is on a mission to create the best pet products possible. They choose eco-friendly materials and processes whenever they can. They keep waste out of landfills, chemicals out of soil and water, and toxins out of their products, all while guaranteeing durable, beautiful toys and beds your pets will love. West Paw has created a material called Zogoflex.

“Zogoflex is made to last. After your dog’s favorite toy has been thoroughly loved, chewed on, retrieved, carried, buried, dug up, and cuddled, just send it back to West Paw. Old toys are sanitized, ground up, and fed back into our machine to make completely new, bouncy, bright Zogoflex toys. Nothing diminishes Zogoflex’s strength—it can literally be recycled infinitely.”West Paw

They also have a line of toys, bowls and mats made from Seaflex. Seaflex is made from ocean-bound plastic.

Another pet company trying to do their part to help the planet is P.L.A.Y. Located in San Francisco, California, P.L.A.Y. offers dog beds, toys and accessories. P.L.A.Y. uses PlanetFill polyfiber, which is made from plastic bottles, to make their beds. They keep packaging to a minimum and use tags made from paper that is certified safe by the Forest Stewardship Council. P.L.A.Y. also offers dog bed covers that can be stuffed with your old towels, garments, or even bed filler from an old dog bed. When you fill your own bed you can easily wash the cover and filling to help the bed last longer and reduce waste.

P.L.A.Y. also gives back to numerous charities.

The next time your furry friend needs a new toy, bed or accessory, consider supporting a company that is putting the planet first.

Tomorrow, composting pilot program coming to a Chicago neighborhood.

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