Would you pay $3 to help make a difference?

Day 271 – The folks at Baker Miller Bakery & Millhouse (4655 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago) sure hope people will consider $3 a small price to pay to help save the planet. For many of us, including myself, the pandemic has opened our eyes to how much waste and more specifically plastic waste is created. Baker Miller decided to start using reusable takeout containers to address the problem. The steps needed to be part of this environmentally friendly takeout experience are quite easy.

  1. When placing an order at Baker Miller, be sure to choose the returnable container option.
  2. You will be charged $3 for the container.
  3. Next time you’re in Baker Miller, drop off the container. It will be cleaned and used again.
  4. On your next order, you can either receive your $3 back on more food or put it toward another reusable container.

The hope is that more restaurants get on board with the reusable containers. If there’s more involvement than more drop off locations can be created for the reusable containers. New York City and Portland, Oregon have shown it’s a business plan that can work.

We all need to support businesses that are making an effort to help the planet. Thank you Baker Miller for your help in making a difference.

Tomorrow, sustainable pet products.

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