World Rivers Day

Day 269 – World Rivers Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September. It began back in 2005 and over 100 countries participate in festivities commemorating the day.

“It highlights the many values of rivers and strives to increase public awareness and encourages the improved stewardship of rivers around the world.”World Rivers Day

Friends of the Chicago River gives many ways in which you can help protect the river.

  1. Make water conservation part of your daily life Check out these easy ways to conserve water.
  2. Help keep stormwater and wastewater out of our waterways by signing up for. Overflow Action Days alerts.
  3. Be the eyes and ears of the river: Know “Who to Call” when you see pollution in the river.
  4. Plant native plants like milkweed and prairie grasses with long root systems to help filter and trap rainwater.
  5. Consider a planting a raingarden, especially in the low points of your property. This helps keep water out of your basement too.
  6. Choose permiable pavers when renovating your landscaping to allow water to seep into the ground where it falls and keep it out of overloaded storm drains.
  7. Install a rainbarrel or other innovative ideas on trapping stormwater.
  8. Test your soil before fertilizing. Get the beautiful lawn you want by applying only the nutrients needed, keeping the excess out of our waterways. It saves time and money.

On this World Rivers Day, find the protectors of your local rivers and make sure to support their efforts.

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