Connecting Gardeners with Local Food Pantries

Day has created a way to connect home and community gardeners with local food pantries. Instead of letting unused food go to waste, it is given to those in need of it most. is a free, opt-in, nationwide registry that enables gardeners who’ve grown too much food to easily find food pantries in their area.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Food Pantries tell the days and times they want to receive fresh food.
  2. Gardeners find pantries on, and bring their surplus of locally grown, fresh food.
  3. People in need have healthier food options available to them.
  4. Food is not wasted.

Click HERE if you want to find a pantry to donate to.

Click HERE if you would like to register a pantry.

Click HERE if you are in need of food.

There are 7,974 food pantries listed on Produce donations have increased from 8.6% to 23.1% at food pantries around the country, since was founded.

It’s a perfect partnership!

Tomorrow, organizations working to create a more sustainable and equitable world.

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