Zero Emissions Day

Day 264 – The worldwide movement known as Zero Emissions Day, or ZeDay, began on September 21st, 2008, and aims to encourage the use of renewable energy sources to “give the planet a day off” from emissions.

Here are some ways you can celebrate the day:

  1. Consider riding your bike or car pooling today.
  2. Consider utilizing solar or battery (rechargeable) operated devices.
  3. Consider making meals that can be made with minimal energy or no energy at all, like a salad.

Does reducing emissions really make an impact?

The Environmental Protection Agency has developed a Greenhouse Gases Equivalencies Calculator which shows the equivalencies for energy-related emissions reductions so each individual can see their impact as it relates to their lifestyle. 

Even though Zero Emissions Day is celebrated only once a year, it is definitely something we need to work towards to achieve on a daily basis. The only way we will be able to combat global warming is to reduce the green house gasses being emitted into the atmosphere. Achieving zero emissions will be a game changer.

To read about 10 ways to help your home achieve net zero emissions click HERE.

Tomorrow, cutting out plastic cutlery.

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