The Story of Stuff

Day 261 – In 2007, Annie Leonard released her first documentary, The Story of Stuff. It was created to start a conversation about the crazy consumption culture we live in. Since then, dozens of animated shorts and documentaries have been produced that chart a path to a more just and sustainable future. Their first feature-length documentary, The Story of Plastic, is now an Emmy-nominated film in the category of Best Writing: Documentary.

You can watch short animated films on various topics:

  1. The Story of Bottled Water
  2. The Story of Cosmetics
  3. The Story of Electronics
  4. The Story of Microbeads
  5. The Story of Plastic

In the category titled, “Good Stuff“, you can see short films covering topics like:

  1. Where Does Your Trash End Up?
  2. Should Plastic Producers Pay for Recycling?
  3. How to Stop Plastic Pollution Forever?
  4. Where Does Junk Mail Come From?
  5. 3 Dirty Marketing Tricks to Get You to Buy More Stuff

Theses are just a few of the topics that the Story of Stuff offers. In a few short minutes you can educate yourself on numerous important topics. Topics that are key in changing and improving our current situation. The time is now!

Tomorrow, facts about food waste.

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