Skipping the Plastic Cup at the Marathon

Day 258 – One marathon race can attract tens of thousands of runners. With each race water is provided and sometimes in plastic cups or bottles. Sadly, that turns into a great deal of plastic waste. One company is working to change that.

Skipping Rocks Lab have designed an edible water pod in hopes of creating a sustainable alternative to single-use bottles.

“Made entirely from seaweed, each Ooho pod biodegrades in just four to six weeks — about the same amount of time it takes a piece of fruit to fully decompose. Every part of the pod is edible, and it can even be flavored and colored if you feel like working a little variation in. The pods have a shelf-life of just a few days to ensure that the water within them stays fresh. On top of all of that, they’re also cheaper and cleaner to produce than plastic bottles, yielding five times less carbon dioxide and nine times less Energy vs PET.” –

Ooho is still in its very early days, which means that its currently only available at certain events across the globe. So far, the edible water pods have been distributed in London, San Francisco, and Boston, making appearances at marathons, conferences, private functions, festivals, and pop-up stores.

Ooho has already replaced standard sauce packets in The Fat Pizza, a UK based fast-food eatery. Sauces are packaged in the pod, preventing the use of plastic packaging.

It may seem like a strange concept, but these are the changes that need to happen and they need to happen now.

Tomorrow, preserving the ozone.

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