Finding a New Home for Lost Golf Balls

Day 257 – Since 1992, has been recovering, processing, and marketing pre-owned, used and recycled golf balls each year to golfers worldwide. Many of the balls come from premier courses across the United States.

Not only will you find excellent golf balls at great prices, but you are reusing golf balls, preventing new balls from being made and keeping used golf balls out of the landfill.

Not only can you buy used golf balls at, but you can also sell your golf balls.

“Do you have thousands of golf balls lying around your garage, attic or trunk of your car? Do you get your exercise from walking around a golf course hunting for golf balls? Has your spouse questioned you, say several hundred times, about your plans for ever reclaiming the square footage of your home that golf balls currently occupy? If you can answer yes or know of someone that can answer yes to any of these questions, has a solution for you. With our 21 locations around the country there is a pretty good chance we are somewhere close by and will send someone to pick those balls up from any location.”

With Americans losing around 300,000 golf balls each year, it’s nice to know that some of them are ending up at, where they are finding a new home.

So, the next time your in the market for some new golf balls, consider purchasing pre-owned golf balls. There’s no guarantee they’ll improve your game, but you can bet it is helping improve the planet.

Tomorrow, ditching the plastic cup at the marathon.

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