Recycling Mattresses: Part 2

Day 228 – Back on Day 133, I wrote about Green Spring Recycling, a compnay that will take your old mattress and recycle it for free. The only catch, you have to drop it off to them at 13611 Thornton Road,  Blue Island, Illinois 60406. Today, I’m writing about an even better option for those in Chicago.

Ryan Drobel started a junk removal business during the pandemic. He found himself very busy and even started working for a nationwide mattress company that wanted him to do removal and recycling. Unfortunately, the company did not care where Mr. Drobel took the mattresses and even found the local landfill to be an adequate destination. This did not sit well with Mr. Drobel and he decided he wanted to find a better solution.

Mr. Drobel ended up doing some research and found out that much of the material found in a mattress can be reused and recycled. Mattress springs can be melted down and used as metal, and padding can be washed and used as padding under carpet. Some springs can actually be gutted, washed and reused for new mattresses, as well. 

Now, Ryan Drobel, only works with companies that are responsibly recycling the mattresses he picks up. He is also getting noticed. After his story appeared in Block Club Chicago and was interviewed by a WLS radio show, he has now partnered with 3rd Coast Mattress Recycling. They are North America’s Number one most legitimate mattress recycling company. They called him to be their partner and to offer his company the ability to take 100% of the beds he collects. They have also guaranteed that over 82% of materials will be reused.

Ryan Drobel came to Chicago to pursue a careers in sketch comedy or web development. He is know making a significant difference in this city and helping save the planet.

If you need a mattress hauled away or other large items, you can reach Mr. Drobel by text at 312-521-0935 for a quote. You can sleep soundly (on your new mattress), knowing that Ryan Drobel is making sure your old mattress is being recycled responsibly.

Tomorrow, back to school tips that are environmentally friendly.

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