Eco-Friendly Back to School Bags

Day 223 – A couple days ago I wrote about sustainable options for school supplies. Well, now you need something to hold all that stuff. As mentioned on Monday, the most eco-friendly thing you can do when it comes to back to school supplies is to reuse items from the previous year. School bags are one of the easiest things to use year after year. There’s no doubt bags may not last a second or third year and it may be difficult to convince the middle schooler that the unicorn backpack is still cool, but making the effort to try to reuse or find someone else that can, is helpful.

If you are in need of new bag, I put together a few eco-friendly options. Rareform – They use recycled billboard vinyl and turn it into unique, durable bags. Over the past seven years they have repurposed 3 million pounds of vinyl that was destined for landfills. Rareform’s Blake Tote made it under our Christmas tree last year. They are well made, easy to clean and weather resistant. No two bags are the same.

Ecogear – Their bags are made from Repreve. Repreve is recycled fiber created from plastic bottles.

thredUP – They don’t just offers secondhand clothing, but also offer bags and backpacks. They have some of the world’s largest and high-quality brands for up to 90 percent off.

Beekeeper Parade – These backpacks are on the high end of pricing. However, if you are looking for a one of kind bag, you will find it here. The bags are made using discarded textiles and fabric remnants from local factories that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Every purchase helps children in rural Cambodia access quality education.

Jansport – This brand has always been my go to for backpacks. Jansport has started to use recycled plastic in their bags. They also offer a Lifetime Warranty on their backpacks.

As more and more companies are offering products that can either be reused, made with recycled materials or created using earth friendly materials, we need to make an effort to find and support these companies.

Tomorrow, saving the elephants.

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