IGLOO’s Coolers are Going Green

Day 205 – Many of us have an IGLOO cooler. It may be very large or it could be very small. They come in all sizes and colors. Now they’re even environmentally friendly. IGLOO has created the first hardside cooler made from recycled plastic. The ECOCOOL collection is the first of its kind to be made with recycled resin. The resin is made from post-consumer plastic. They are taking discarded plastic yogurt cups and milk jugs that would otherwise end up in landfills throughout the world and transforming it into a recycled resin used in the outside body, liner and/or lid of each ECOCOOL cooler, all made at their facility in the USA.

IGLOO has also partnered up with the Parks Project. A special edition collection of ECOCOOL™ Playmates is now available with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the National Parks Conservation Association.

IGLOO also offers the Packable Puffer cooler bags, which is made with recycled plastic bottles from the inside out: PrimaLoft® insulation and REPREVE® exterior. With a fully scrunchable, compressible construction, this cooler folds into its own front pocket for ultimate packability. All this and the Packable Puffer still provides 12 hours of ice retention.

Lastly, IGLOO has created the world’s first 100% biodegradable cooler. It’s biodegradable, compostable and recyclable, RECOOL helps eliminate the need for those harmful, single-use polystyrene foam coolers that had once been so commonplace. Since they released RECOOL in 2019, it’s gone on to receive eight innovation awards, and have sold 575,000 and counting. Less polystyrene foam in the world is a good thing.

IGLOO not only wants to keep your food and drinks cold, but they are doing their part to help keep the planet cool.

Tomorrow, an important message from the U.S. Coast Guard.

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