Watches Made from Ocean Plastic

Day 201 – I haven’t worn a watch in years. My Fitbit used to tell me the time and remind me to get off my but, before it broke. I know many people wear a watch and can’t imagine leaving home without it. So, today’s post is about watches made from plastic pulled from the ocean. In my findings on the subject, I found watches priced under $100 and others over $1,000. For this post I’m just writing about two brands that were under $200. I just can’t imagine paying more for a watch.

The Horse – This Australian company has created a full ocean plastic experience with case and strap made from the recycled material.

“We believe in cleaner oceans, a sustainable lifestyle and in waste as a resource. Twelve months in the making, we have partnered with Swiss eco partner #tide to craft a watch using 100% recycled ocean plastic.” – The Horse

TRIWA – Triwa’s Time for Oceans collection includes field and dive watch styles using cases and straps fully made from upcycled ocean plastic.

“All plastic used in manufacturing these watches is ethically collected from oceans and shores, and, with the help of solar power, properly cleaned and recycled by our official partner, Tide Ocean Material, in Switzerland” – TRIWA

Time is running out to help protect the planet. However, you can help by keeping a sustainable watch brand in mind the next time you’re looking for a new timepiece.

Tomorrow, a company making cleaning the ocean its business.

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