Musical Instruments Made From Trash

Day 192 – Many of us do not think about what we could create from our discarded waste. We put it in the trash and don’t give it a second thought. Thankfully, there are people like Shady Rabab, who are creating musical instruments out of plastic waste.

“The Garbage Music project uses art and creative expression to counter plastic pollution. It motivates youth to build their knowledge and increase their awareness about the challenges threatening the environment and how that impacts their lives.

It also provides them with tools and skills enabling them to turn waste into musical instruments. The project team designs workshops and classes to help the youth master different instruments, with the ultimate aim of playing music together as a band: the Garbage Music Band.” – United National Environment Programme

Shady Rabab’s organization, Rabab Luxor, is making a difference in Luxor, Egypt. The musician’s wider work is also having a positive impact in Luxor, which does not have many dedicated cultural spaces. His organization also runs bookbinding workshops for kids and musical instrument workshops for adults. Rabab tells the UN he’s particularly proud of the artistic and educational impact of recent work.

We need more visionaries like Shady Rabab, who has taken on the plastic pollution problem and has created the sweet sound of music.

Tomorrow, clothing brands made from recycled materials.

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