GotSneakers: Recycling shoes and raising funds

Day 151 – On Day 62, I gave a list of options to donate or recycle your shoes. Well today, I have another option for you. This one can bring you a little extra cash.

“At GotSneakers, we’re making it socially and financially rewarding to contribute to a circular economy with our FREE sneaker recycling programs for individual sellers and organizations of all types and sizes. When you join our sneaker recycling community, you will be making a global impact AND you will earn money for every pair of sneakers you contribute.” – GotSneakers

If your an individual seller, hosting a fundraiser, or part of a retail program, GotSneakers can fit your needs. Signup is easy and FREE. Just let GotSneakers know how many bags you need and if you need more they will send more. Once your bags arrive, fill them up with your sneakers (only sneakers), seal the bags and drop them off at either UPS or FedEx. Your prepaid postage will specify as to which service you will need to use.

All sneakers collected are recirculated to people who want quality, reusable footwear at affordable prices or repurposed into new surfaces such as playgrounds and tracks. Each pair will be professionally evaluated by GotSneakers’ trained staff, to determine the quality, style, and brand of each pair of footwear. You can check out the compensation chart HERE.

The Northcenter Neighborhood Association Monthly Recycle Popup, will be collecting sneakers, starting on June 19th. We will be using GotSneakers and hopefully raise a few dollars to put toward our recycling efforts.

Tomorrow, the problem with plastic toys.

4 thoughts on “GotSneakers: Recycling shoes and raising funds

  1. jackietma March 31, 2023 / 9:31 am

    Did GotSneakers pay you for the shoes? I’m thinking about using them for our fundraiser, but uncertain if they’re actually legit. Thank you!!


    • sharongaiettophotography March 31, 2023 / 9:40 am

      GotSneakers does pay for the shoes. The better the condition of the shoe that more you get back. If the shoe is not in any condition to donate or resell than they say it gets recycled. Gym shoe recycling is not new. Nike and other large gym shoe companies have been doing it for some years now. I would like to think, since GotSneakers is solely dealing with sneakers then the likelihood of these shoes getting recycled is good. It’s hard to trust companies these days. My philosophy is, until I have evidence that they are not doing what they say they are doing, I will continue to trust they are. Good luck with your fundraising!


      • jackietma March 31, 2023 / 9:50 am

        Thank you so much for your response. I’m just nervous bc they got some really unhappy/negative reviews. I’m hoping my fundraiser will have more positive results! Thank you!!


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