Wrapping Paper: Help the trees out

Day 120 – It is estimated that Americans spend around $7 billion on wrapping paper each year. An estimated 30 million trees are cut down just to produce gift wrap, and it’s difficult to recycle due to the dyes used. The ones made with plastic or foil can not be recycled at all.

So, how are we supposed to wrap gifts in an environmentally friendly way?

Thankfully, there are a few options:

  1. The trusty and very reusable gift bag is always a nice option.
  2. Wrapping in a cloth, using the Furoshiki method can be very stylish.
  3. Kraft paper may not look too festive, but it is highly recyclable. It gets the job done, by concealing the surprise.
  4. Newspaper gift wrap has always been an option for centuries. The comics have always been a favorite choice. I purchased wrapping paper from Wrappily. They use newspaper presses to create festive gift wrap that is 100% recyclable newsprint. Even the packaging that the wrapping paper comes in is compostable. The paper I ordered was reversible and ended up in our compost after the birthday boy opened his gifts.
  5. Reusable gift boxes are easy and festive.
  6. Another option is using wrapping paper made from recycled paper. There are plenty of companies offering this option and an easy internet search should point you in the right direction. There are numerous options on Etsy.

So, on this 149th Arbor Day, let’s think about saving the trees and finding alternatives to wrapping paper. Avoiding giving gifts to your loved ones in unrecyclable wrapping paper, is a gift in itself.

Tomorrow, recycling old candles.

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