Your Purchases are Your Votes

Day 92 – When we think of voting, we usually think of politicians and elections. However, we are voting everyday. Every time we make a purchase we are voting. Our purchases support the businesses we patronize and in turn supports how that business operates. For example, most of us made sure to purchase “dolphin safe tuna” after 1990, because we couldn’t imagine supporting companies that would catch and kill dolphins that were caught in fishing nets. The idea of being an informed consumer is even more important, today. 

Unlike the 1990s, we now have many options to purchase products that benefit the planet and the people that reside here. There is an eco-friendly alternative for practically every need or want a consumer may have. However, you have to make sure you are choosing wisely. Back on Day 17, I discussed greenwashing and how many companies use Earth friendly jargon and buzz words to lull us into a false sense of sustainability. As our parents always told us, we need to do our homework. 

It’s important that we make an effort to support businesses that are making the environment its number one priority. Businesses that are choosing the planet over profit. When we find these businesses and support them with our purchases, we are voting. We are telling those that don’t follow similar business practices that we are fed up and want change. We want products that are produced and packaged in a way that does not harm the planet or those working to bring those products to the consumers. 

Just like you would campaign for a candidate, you need to campaign for businesses making an effort to be good stewards of the planet. Share what you know with family and friends. If you know of a business that you believe others should support, let them now. Encourage others to be well informed voters and to use that vote, so their voices can be heard. 

Tomorrow, celebrating my hero. 

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