Earth Hero: Choices Make Changes

Day 84 – When you make purchases you would like to think that those you are purchasing from are producing their products in a responsible and sustainable way. However, many of the items we bring home from the store are being made at the cost of the planet. Many of us do not have the time to research every purchase made. So, it would be nice to have some help. On Day 74, I listed eco-friendly labels that identify products and companies that are doing their part to help the planet. On Day 75, I wrote about Hive, a place where you can purchase grocery items and know you are having a positive impact on the environment. Today, I wanted to discuss Earth Hero. They take over, where Hive leaves off. Earth Hero will not only help you go plastic free throughout the house but they offer countless items to help you on your zero waste journey. They have gathered Earth friendly companies in one place for your convenience. Earth Hero is not alone when it comes to offering eco-friendly products. There are many other companies that have this mission. I have made purchases on Earth Hero and have been very happy with their products.

Earth Hero explains on their website how their brands are doing business differently.

  1. By turning to renewable, organic, upcycled and recycled materials, their brands cut down on unnecessary resource extraction, energy and water usage that accompanies traditional production.
  2. Their companies are redesigning production by powering their operations with renewable energy sources, using fewer chemicals in their products and utilizing production waste by recycling and reusing excess materials and ingredients.
  3. Through the partnership with CarbonFund, they offset the carbon footprint created from transporting the products offered on their site. In addition, many of the companies manufacture their products in the USA, which cuts down on the amount of miles each product travels before reaching your door. Their brands are also taking steps to package their products in recycled, recyclable and compostable materials.
  4. Their companies create products that are made to last. From reusable water bottles and shopping bags, to durable clothes that will last for years, conscious shopping involves choosing items that will stand the test of time.
  5. From buying back used items to creating products that are meant to be recycled or composted, their companies cut down on the waste that occurs when their items have run their course.

I enjoy the descriptions that Earth Hero offers for each product. I purchased a soap dish not that long ago.

“Extend the life of your soap bar with this Whispering Willow Handmade Cedar Soap Dish! Handcrafted by artisans in the Appalachian Mountains from 100% natural cedar wood, this soap dish allows water to drain away from your soap, extending its life.” – Earth Hero

I mean, who wouldn’t feel good about purchasing a product from a company named Whispering Willow?

Earth Hero also lists the sustainability features of each product, (1) where it is made, (2) what it is made from, (3) the Earth friendly features (4) and a description of the packaging.

So, the next time you’re looking to replace a household item, consider replacing it with a more sustainable product.

Tomorrow, shampoo, bar or bottle.

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