Old T-shirts: Give them a new purpose

Quilt created by Molly Rose Quilts

Day 79 – When my kids grew out of clothes, I was quick to donate them. If they wore them out beyond reuse, I was quick to toss them. Sadly, I was unaware of places like Chicago Textile Recycling that would have taken worn out clothes and recycled them. I also never thought to save those old t-shirts for a future use.

On this National Quilting Day, I wanted to share the idea of taking those old t-shirts to create a quilt. I’m sure many of you have seen them and I sure wish I would have done this for my kids.

A friend had one made for her son as a graduation gift from elementary school. She took all his t-shirts from school, sports teams and camps. The result was an amazing keepsake that I’m sure he’ll treasure for many years to come.

Plan accordingly. Save those old t-shirts and put them in a safe place. Somewhere you’ll remember. So, when the time comes to create a priceless gift for your loved one, you’ll know exactly where to start.

If you’re like me and would never consider, in a million years, to undertake such a project. Please know that there are very trained and qualified people that will gladly welcome your business.

Tomorrow, appreciating paper and where it originates.

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