Easter: Celebrating sustainably

Day 78 – Easter is a mere 16 days away! So, I thought I would give a few ideas on how to be a little more eco-friendly with those Easter baskets.

  1. In our house we reuse the same baskets every year. As long as you store them in a safe place year after year, those things will last forever.
  2. Avoid using the plastic grass to fill your baskets. I’m guilty of this one. For many years, I purchased the green plastic grass because it was the cheapest. I actually switched over to paper, because it didn’t stick to everything like the plastic stuff. I can now recycle the paper grass. There are also many other natural materials you could use to fill your baskets.
  3. Don’t throw away those plastic eggs. I know it may seem annoying to hold on to things year after year. However, throwing away things, just so they can be repurchased the following year, does not do your wallet or the environment any good.
  4. Purchase some Earth friendly treats and/or gifts. As mentioned on Day 75, there are plenty of on-line businesses that will sell you products that do not harm the planet and even help make it better.

Here are a few suggestions on some Earth friendly treats and gifts for the kids.

  1. Plantable pencils – These are genius. A very cool way to ring in the spring season.
  2. 4Ocean On-The-Go Pack – With kids getting back to school (on a regular basis), this is a great gift to encourage your kids to be environmentally friendly.
  3. Beeswax Crayons – This a great idea for the little ones that like to stick everything in their mouths.
  4. Eco Pal – Stuffed animals have always been a huge basket stuffer. These guys are made from recycled plush.
  5. Uncommon Goods – They are a B Corporation that partners with companies that want to do good in the world. They have many unique and Earth friendly gifts.
  6. Ghirardelli Chocolate Bunny – On Day 35, I shared a scorecard that showed how popular chocolate companies scored when it came to key environmental and child labor issues. Ghirardelli had a good score. So, they became the company of choice to take the ever so popular chocolate bunny role. I picked up our bunnies at Target.
  7. Tony’s Chocolonley – Tony’s Chocolonely scored higher than Ghirardelli on the scorecard and we have really been enjoying their chocolate bars ever since we learned about them. Good stuff! You can find Tony in most grocery stores.
  8. Natural Candy Store – I just stumbled across the Natural Candy Store. I ordered a few things to help fill the baskets. I’ll have to report back on how we liked this “healthy” candy.

Even if you introduced just one of these ideas this year, you are making a difference. I know it has taken me quite a few Easters to get to this point.

Tomorrow, a great idea for all those old t-shirts.

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