Hive: Sustainable grocery shopping made easy

Day 75 – I don’t know about you, but there have been plenty trips to the grocery store where I end up spending upwards of $60 and have purchased nothing but crap food. You know those trips. The kids need some snacks in the house, so you make a quick stop. However, you went while you were hungry. So, now the cart has more items than you were expecting to purchase and the nutritional value of those items is very questionable. Yep, not my best motherly moments.

As Valentine’s Day was approaching, I thought it would be the perfect time to purchase a few items form Hive. Hive was one of many online companies I was coming across while searching the internet for suggestions on how to be greener. I thought I could use Valentine’s Day to try out some new sweet treats for the kids, while feeling good about my purchases.

Hive does the homework so you don’t have to. They’re taste-testing and quality-checking everything. They also have standards that need to be met in order for a food to become a Hive Brand. They look at (1) ingredient integrity (2) low carbon footprint (3) recyclable packaging and (4) committed to social good.

I would never consider doing my entire grocery shopping on Hive. It would be way too expensive. However, it has been a nice option when looking for treats for an upcoming holiday (like Valentine’s Day and the upcoming Easter holiday). We have also liked using the site as a way of trying new things. I figured if we found something we loved, I could try to see if we could find it locally.

A few other great things about Hive:

  1. The information they give you about each product they sell is detailed and informative. You will not be questioning what you are eating.
  2. The information they give about each company that sells product on their website is insightful and written in away that is easy to understand. They give summaries on each company and describes how that company is helping make the planet a better place.
  3. After opening an account, they keep track of your purchases and how those purchases are making a difference.

Just after two purchases, I am already making an impact.

Hive’s key causes are:

I would hope that these are causes we could all care about.

So, the next time you’re in need of a few snacks in the house or want to try out some new products, plan ahead and give companies like Hive a try. It’s food that is good for you and good for many others, as well.

Tomorrow, green is one of my favorite colors.

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