Skip the Straw Day

Day 57 “In 2017, a group of teenage activists called the Coral Keepers established National Skip the Straw Day to recur every fourth Friday in February. Amid frequent and intense conversations about the state of the planet and the potentially fatal effects of plastic waste for creatures in the world’s largest oceans, these high school students from Whitehall, Michigan decided to establish the day in order to educate others about the many biodegradable alternatives to these small but potent cylindrical sippers.”

It is estimated that American use about 500 million plastic straws (of all kinds) every day. It takes around 200 years for those straws to decompose. So, the big question is, why do we need straws? We survived just fine without straws before their invention in 1888. I bet, we could do just fine without them, once more.

For those that cannot imagine a life without their beloved straw there are alternatives to the single use plastic option.

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  1. Glass straws
  2. Stainless Steel straws
  3. Silicone straws
  4. Reusable plastic straws
  5. Bamboo straws
  6. Paper straws
  7. Compostable straws

The kids love using their stainless steel and silicone straws for smoothies and shakes. However, for my McDonald Coke drinking family member, no eco friendly straw could replace his plastic straw. Until, I found Phade, a compostable straw that looks and feels a lot like plastic. I finally found an environmentally friendly straw that pleased my toughest critic. The used straws go right into our compost bin.

So, be sure to skip the single use plastic straw today and everyday!

Tomorrow, celebrating polar bears!

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