Saving the Planet One Pizza at a Time

Day 41 – Yesterday was National Pizza Day! Yes, the day we celebrate pizza and all its deliciousness. Hopefully, you were able to enjoy a slice or two. For centuries, people have been eating pizza in countless varieties, but I bet many of them didn’t think about how pizza could save the planet.

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One easy way pizza can help the planet is by going meatless. By adding vegetables and fruit (I’m a big fan of pineapple pizza, without ham) to your pizza instead of pepperoni or sausage, you can reduce your meat consumption. On Day 15, I posted how reducing your meat consumption can help the planet, by reducing greenhouse gases. So, the next time you’re taking a bite out of your veggie pizza, give yourself a pat on the back.

A second way pizza is helping the planet is by offering compostable packaging. Not too many take out foods provide environmentally friendly packaging. However, the box your pizza arrives in is completely compostable. On the occasions we order out for pizza, I am able to place the pizza box (in smaller pieces) in our commercial compost bin that is picked up on a weekly basis. And since pizza tastes good even on the second and third day, there is absolutely no waste. If you don’t compost (you really should) that box is recyclable. Make sure you only put the clean sections of the box in the recycle container. They do not want your greasy parts.

Another way pizza is saving the planet is by being an incentive. At the Teleport Hotel in Amsterdam, guests are rewarded for not having their room clean while staying multiple nights. If they are staying more than 2 nights and don’t need their room cleaned, they are rewarded with a free pizza. In one month 45 pizzas were given out. That is 45 rooms that did not need to use cleaning products or have sheets washed and dried. That is a huge savings for the hotel and fo the planet.

I’m sure there are many other ways that pizza is saving the planet, but I think you get the idea. This simple meal with a big impact should be on your meal menu at least two or three times a month!

Tomorrow, reusable makeup pads helping reduce the need for cotton pads.

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