Update: Holiday Lights

Day 39 – Over the month of January, I collected old holiday lights. The idea was to keep the unusable lights from ending up in a landfill. Elgin Recycling was collecting the lights throughout the suburbs. Last year, 51 municipalities collected over 100,000 pounds of holiday lights. We collected a large container of lights. A HUGE thank you to everyone that participated.

Over the weekend, we took a drive out to Arlington Heights and dropped the lights at the Public Works Center (222 N. Ridge Ave.). There were large boxes out front, which you can’t miss. You can drop off your lights anytime. This site will be collecting lights until February 26th. So, if you still wanted to drop off your old holiday lights, you still have plenty of time.

Don’t forget that for the month of February, I am collecting DVDs for the troops. Check out my post for all the details.

Tomorrow, still dealing with polystyrene after all these years.

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