Misfits Market: Ugly produce tastes good, too!

Day 36 – I had seen the advertisements and even talked to a customer (my sister) and Misfit Market looked like something that would benefit my family, while at the same time help divert food from the landfill. With our increase of vegetarian meals, we needed to boost our produce intake.

Here are some of the reasons why I chose Misfit Market:

  1. They rescue food that is unnecessarily thrown away because it’s not “pretty” enough. Billions of pounds of this fresh and delicious food is tossed each year because grocery stores only want “perfect” foods on their shelves. Global food waste generates 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide annually, making it one of the single biggest contributors to planet-harming emissions.
  2. The produce is organic and not genetically modified.
  3. I can save big on my grocery bill. Misfits Market produce is up to 40% cheaper than grocery store prices.
  4. I’m supporting responsible agriculture, by purchasing food that would otherwise go to waste and letting organic farmers generate extra income.
  5. They use recyclable and compostable packaging.

I ordered my first box on January 27th. I went with the small box (2-3 people) to try it out. I was able to pick my produce from a rather lengthy list and grab a couple extra items at a reduced price. We got our first box on February 2nd. I was impressed with the amount of food and the quality. The entire box, plus shipping was $29.04. I look forward to my next box in two weeks.

I am looking forward to visiting Farmer’s Markets when the warm weather returns and growing some of our own vegetables. However, this is a great way to increase our produce intake and encourage healthier eating.

There’s a few companies out there that have similar business models, but if you were thinking of trying out Misfit Market, here’s a discount code for you.


So, the lesson here today is that looks are not everything and what really counts is what is on the inside.

Tomorrow, a good option to recycle all those empty beauty product containers.

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